An Advisory Council of leading stakeholder groups or organisations has been established to ensure that the project is driven by user demands and needs. This Stakeholder Advisory Council (SAC) will ensure that, besides the partners in the Amitran consortium, all other relevant stakeholders in multi-modal passenger and freight transport are being consulted during the different phases of the project. The SAC will integrate a selected group of organisations and projects working on “green” lTS technologies – particularly related to CO2 emission reductions.

The role of the SAC is to advise the project on the content and form of the Amitran activities, especially on the activities directed to the user environment such as user requirements and validation of results. The SAC will also be asked to contribute to these activities and will be invited to dedicated workshops. Members of the SAC will receive reimbursement of their travelling and subsistence costs for attending these workshops.


The stakeholders will get:

– Privileged access to the project information, including to deliverables before they are publicly available;

– The potential to contribute to a project that will define a reference methodology to address CO2 emission reductions through ITS;

– The possibility to influence a specific use case in an area of interest;

– Networking opportunities and access to other relevant projects;

– A reference on the Amitran website;

– Access to participate in the SAC meetings and stakeholders workshops.


A first workshop has been held in February 2012 with the participation of several stakeholders. In July 2012, the SAC has achieved a more formal status with the membership confirmation of following organisations: