ERTICO workshop unites the people who unite technology

Engineers developers and designers across the world face a familiar problem: How can they deliver efficient and usable systems when they are working with technology that has been designed around different standards and different regional requirements? 

ITS designers are no exception to this problem and while the harmonisation of standards poses many challenges it is an important process which contributes to faster and more efficient development greater systems reliability and safety and much easier market uptake.  It makes interoperability possible and interoperability is essential in today’s interconnected world.

To tackle this problem ERTCIO will be running a specialised workshop at this year’s ITS Congress dedicated to ITS standardisation for harmonised and effective deployment.

The workshop takes place on Friday 26 October (9:00-10:30 Strauss 2) and ERTICO’s Director of Development and Deployment Vincent Blervaque gave us an overview of what to expect.

“The main aim of the workshop is to ensure interoperability of ITS across all EU member states. So if you travel from one place to another across borders you still have the same level and quality of service.  We need standards to achieve this interoperability.”

“Secondly ITS services are usually multi-stakeholder service chain based services and these different stakeholders must share information. The only way to achieve this is to harmonise and standardise the interface at which data is exchanged.”

Who will be there and what will they discuss?

“We have different participants representing different public and private sectors of the industry and we have different standards organisations. This is important because different organisations are responsible for different areas of technology.” 

“The objective of the workshop is to bring together all of these different standardisation bodies represented by both public and private sector leaders so we can focus on how we cooperate together. We need to ensure that we don’t have one block standardised which will not be able to communicate with another block that has been standardised by another organisation.”

“Importantly business representatives will be able to discuss issues with the standards organisations.”

What do you hope to achieve?

“Vienna is a very important forum where we can meet share our views and discuss next steps for working together to achieve this standardisation.   We do not expect to discuss technical details we would like to address strategic issues about the benefits of standardisation to see how we can develop the best standards for ITS not only in Europe but also at the worldwide level. It is also a way to raise awareness amongst decision makers and those who implement solutions that standardisation is good. It can reduce costs increase the market size and accelerate implementation.”

Acknowledging both sides of the problem Vincent concludes:  “It’s about challenges but also about the benefits.”

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Original Publication Date: Wed 17 Oct 2012