A jury of international experts has awarded the city of Strasbourg for its achievements in the field of innovative eco-mobility services.
Strasbourg won the smart-city category at the EU-China Smart Mobility City Awards, which showcases the most advanced and innovative projects in terms of smart mobility and green transportation in Europe, China and Asia. The city was recognised chiefly for its efforts to change travel habits and support innovative projects.
Strasbourg opened its data to allow the creation of multi-modal information software, such as the StrasMap, implemented contactless ticketing on its public transport network and created a new car-sharing initiative. Strasbourg is also involved in the development of electromobility – among others, through the cross-border CROME project – and is improving the living conditions of residents through the consideration of urban mobility when developing new urban areas, or redeveloping existing neighbourhoods.
The Awards, hosted at the China International New Energy Vehicle Show in Hong Kong, were organised by the Jean-Pierre Raffarin Fondation Prospective et Innovationand the  China Center for Urban Development. For more about the awards, visit cinev-hk.com/smartmobility.