Sampo Hietanen, CEO of MaaS Global and ‘father’ of MaaS, started his address to ITS International’s recent MaaS Market conference in London by saying: “All of the problems that can be solved by a company or group of companies have already been solved, and now we are left with the big ones such as housing, transport and health. He called MaaS the “Netflix of transportation” but said no one authority or company can do it alone. “With the people in this room we could start [MaaS] in several countries within a year – the data access is already here and the physical aspects are in place.”

He described the younger generation’s way of thinking as ‘here’s my timetable, who can provide the services?’ adding that with MaaS it was a case of “we will get you there. Don’t worry if it is a taxi, a bus or a rideshare… we will get you there.”

The full article is available on the ITS International website here.