The Spanish island of Tenerife will introduce this autumn contactless payment cards for citizens to use on public transport.

The system will be gradually introduced to the island’s 530 buses and 26 trams from October this year.

The new payment system was unveiled in a ceremony by the president of the island’s council, Carlos Enrique Alonso Rodríguez.

As well as providing a more convenient method of payment, the system will also allow real-time information to be gathered and displayed by public transport stops, informing passengers about arrival times and delays.

All of these advances, the city hopes, will encourage the use of public and intermodal transport.

Mr Rodríguez said that the new measures, ‘will allow us to improve public transport in Tenerife. All citizens will have the same opportunities for transport anywhere on the island and the new systems will allow us to make specific offers to meet the needs of travellers.’

Original author: Lewis Macdonald