On 17 March 2011 TISA held its first Webinar session in cooperation with ERTICO. During this Webinar Dave Francis ITIS explained how the Digital Radio switchover in the UK will put in place some big challenges in front of Service Providers and Client Device manufacturers. He went on to explain that there are technical issues to overcome if FM is switched off because services for the RDS-TMC supported navigation systems will be lost.

This would not only affect the development of new products but also the very large legacy of vehicles on the road. The interactive survey which followed the presentation revealed that even though the issue is known to the car and end-user devices Industry the urgency of the change will require a transitional solution.

Meanwhile Bev Marks TISA Executive Director explained that a myriad of TISA Specifications will provide for the long term future capability of TPEG based services to be carried by Digital Radio in order to significantly give much more rich content to the vehicle. Through the Q&A Bev could give some hints about the launch of first TPEG-based products (due to reach the market soon) and explained more about the liaison work ongoing between TISA and Easyway ESG5 which aims at bringing DATEXII content from Road-Operators to the End-User via TPEG. The presentation materials from both Dave and Bev are freely available on the new TISA Website launched on 3 March 2011.

The next event jointly organised by TISA and ERTICO will consist of a Workshop on the theme of “Quality in ITS Services”. The Worskhop will be held on 13 April 2011 in Brussels and is open to both the TISA Membership and ERTICO Partnership.

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Original Publication Date: Thu 31 Mar 2011