In June 2014, Trafi opened up its first register data base, destined for utilisation by citizens and enterprises alike. This free and open body of data has now been expanded. The new data includes the odometer reading, the first three digits of the postal code, and the first ten digits in the vehicle identification number.

Data on vehicle technical details have already been downloaded thousands of times. Since June 2014, the package containing vehicle technical data details, made available by Trafi, has been downloaded more than 10,000 times. “This is a huge number, and we are truly delighted that the body of data made available by Trafi has captured the interest of both individual citizens and enterprises. I believe that the expansion of the data base will give an increasing number of interested parties an opportunity to use our data for their own purposes. The inclusion of the odometer readings in the data will certainly encourage people with programming skills to create applications based on our data,” comments Juha Kenraali, Trafi’s new CIO.

Data is applicable to many purposes – so what kind of application would you create?

Trafi’s vehicle data contain a wealth of information. For example, the data allows the user to search for information of the exact location in Finland of vehicles of the make Nissans or Ladas with the lowest mileage, or for the number of yellow vehicles in their own neighbourhood. “Making use of the open data requires application makers to have some programming skills. While our data is downloadable from Trafi’s website in a format that makes it readily accessible to those who are well-versed in computer programming, other interested parties can also take up the challenge,” Kenraali remarks.


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