The British Government is opening a call to collect evidence from the industry where they can be globally competitive in these technologies and the role the government could play to help ensure continued development, testing, and deployment of safe and secure connected and automated mobility.

As technology will drive radical changes within the transport sector over the next ten years and beyond, the UK Government have the opportunity to shape these changes to have a profound positive impact on the environment, transport users and businesses. Within these changes, connected and automated mobility is set to be a key disrupter of global transport over the coming two decades, enabling greener, safer, easier, and more productive journeys. And it is where many of the high-value jobs of the future could be, in areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, agile design, simulation, cybersecurity and fleet management.

As the UK has earned its place as a world leader in self-driving vehicle innovation, it is currently ranked second in the G7 for self-driving vehicle readiness, particularly policy, legislation and cybersecurity. They are also home to some of the most exciting automated mobility companies globally, which are safely and responsibly setting the standard for global innovation in this space.

The technology could deliver substantial economic benefits, attract international investment, and reinforce the UK’s place as a global science superpower. Indeed, the UK market alone could be worth £42 billion by 2035, creating approximately 38,000 new jobs. With its status as a science superpower, the UK is in an excellent position to gain the benefits of these new technologies which can be part of their determination to Build Back Better from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Source: UK Government