The Research and Innovative Technology Administration coordinates the USA’s Department of Transportation‘s research programmes and is charged with advancing the deployment of cross-cutting technologies to improve the USA’s transport system.

The focus of the five-year ITS Strategic Research Plan is:

  • a significantly reduction in highway accidents and their consequences
  • vehicle to infrastructure communication to reduce unnecessary stops and increase fuel efficient driving
  • real-time multi-modal traveller information including environmental impacts
  • accurate multi-modal data for transport managers

The plan explores the potentially transformative capabilities of wireless technology to make surface transportation safer smarter and greener. The core of the research plan is a program called IntelliDriveSM a multimodal initiative that aims to enable safe interoperable wireless connectivity between vehicles infrastructure and passengers’ devices to support safety mobility and environmental enhancements.  A key part of this research will examine how to effectively deliver warnings to vehicle operators – to enhance overall safety and minimise driver distraction. In addition to core research the five-year programme also supports technology transfer and knowledge and skills development of ITS professionals throughout the country.

The strategic plan was approved by the ITS Management Council on 8 December 2009.

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Original Publication Date: Tue 27 Jul 2010