The Polish capital of Warsaw is planning to launch a low-carbon car-sharing service in the city in 2016.

Reducing the number of cars on the city’s streets is a key priority for Warsaw’s transport operator ZTM. Tamas Dombi, a ZTM representative, said at a press conference that, ‘one shared car can replace up to 10 private cars. That’s why car-sharing fits perfectly into the strategy of sustainable mobility, promoting the efficient use of cars by multiple users.’

The proposed car-sharing system would begin with 500 low-emission vehicles and future expansios would include zero-emission electric cars. The system would be integrated with the city’s public transportation system as well as the bike-sharing system Veturilo, to encourage the use of multiple modes of transport in one journey.

‘Car-sharing has many advantages over private cars. Users of the system will not have to worry about maintenance, tire replacement and parking charges,’ Mr Dombi added.

Veturilo, which launched in August 2012, is one of the largest bike-sharing systems in Europe, with over 200 000 registered users as over October 2014. ZTM states that this success demonstrates the potential impact that car-sharing could have in Warsaw.

Original author: Lewis Macdonald
Photo: mariordo59