28 October 2013

Driverless 12mph pods with room for two passengers to take to pavements of Milton Keynes in £65million smartphone app transport system

By the Daily Mail

  • Around 100 pods will take to the streets from 2015 for testing
  • First paying passengers will be accepted in 2017 at £2 per trip
  • Five-year scheme will cost £65million with some industry funding
  • Vehicles expected to take in £1million in their first year
  • However passengers may not be able to drink and drive

Driverless cars which are controlled by a smartphone app are being launched in England for the first time.
Around 100 ‘pods’ will begin travelling around Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, from 2015 and will feature enough room for two passengers and luggage.

They will be powered by an electric motor in each wheel and will travel along the pavements at up to 12mph.

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