The ERTICO Start-up Initiative is back! Since the three winners were first announced in September at ERTICO’s 2019 Think Tank event, they have been busy with ERTICO’s team of experts in one-to-one business assessments.

“We had the pleasure to be included in ERTICO’s Think Tank event in Brussels and since then have been through a complete business modelling process together with ERTICO’s I&D department. It was a great exercise to be able to discover new insights which can help us move into 2020 and prepare for the next stage in the process”, said Adrian Lupau from City 4.0, one of the three winners of the Initiative.

“For Monal, the Think Tank was an energizing experience. Thanks to the contacts made during the day, and the great exposure caused by winning the ERTICO Start-up Initiative, we are already actively cooperating with two members of ERTICO. During the assessment, ERTICO’s experts encouraged the innovation on slot management that we envision, but also helped us to keep feet-on-the-ground. We are looking forward to work together with ERTICO’s eco system, and carry out a cool pilot project that makes a difference”, Philip van Houtte, from Monal Location Based Transactions.

“We are looking forward to working with ERTICO and its Partners to protect every individual’s privacy while enabling future mobility services. The Think Tank in Brussels, as well as the start-up assessment, were great experiences that highlighted ERTICO’s outstanding network and industry expertise”, Thomas Strottner, Brighter AI.

“The Think Tank accelerated us in every dimension, starting from connections to new business partner to getting valuable input from ERTICO’s network of market leaders.”, said Marian Gläser, Brighter AI.

Brighter AI, City 4.0 and Monal Location Based Transactions are now getting ready for the ITS European Congress in Lisbon that takes place from 18 to 20 May. Here, they will be given the exclusive opportunity to be amongst the 120 European exhibitors and network and showcase their smart mobility solutions to over 2.000 visitors.

The three winners were initially selected amongst over 500 applicants and introduced to the ERTICO Partnership of 120 public and private mobility stakeholders. ERTICO is coordinating match-making opportunities within the Partnership in the areas of Clean and Urban mobility, Connected and Automated Driving and Transport and Logistics.

But the best is yet to come, and Lisbon is just a taste: stay tuned!

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