The eSafety Observers Network consists of a panel of representatives selected from the EU Member States and ITS National Associations who report to the EC about their national eSafety activities. The Observers are actively involved in national industry policy or R&D activities and are acknowledged experts in their domain or sector. The liaison and coordination between the eSafety Observers community and National ITS Associations is meant to ensure better synchronization between the Intelligent Car and eSafety Forum priorities at European and national levels to support the work of the national eSafety initiatives within Member States and to support EU eSafety initiatives.

The first meeting of the eSafety Observers Network took place in Timisoara Romania on 4 October 2010. The Observers agreed on Terms of References which will guide their work in the following years of activity.

Agenda and meeting’s documents are available here.

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Original Publication Date: Fri 03 Dec 2010