4365458697_4d3b8f96e8_zThe Helsinki public works department is this winter testing a new de-icing method on bicycle lanes and walking paths.

Like many other cities, Helsinki typically uses gravel or salt to help melt ice for walkers and cyclists during winter. However, this can kick up dust and damage bicycle tyres.

Over the next few months Helsinki will be one of a few cities to test a new non-slip substance, on its winter cycling route between Ruoholahti and Oulunkylä.

Produced by company 3ICE, the substance reportedly works in freezing temperatures up to -50 °C, does not crystallise when dry, nor does it corrode steel.

According to the Helsinki Times, outdoor enthusiasts and dog walkers were fearful of the impact of the new substance on the environment and dog paws. However the vinegar-based and biodegradable substance is environmentally friendly and – according to 3ICE – gentle on paws.