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Financial instruments co‑funded by ESIF


FI-compass is a unique platform for advisory services on financial instruments under the European Structural and Investment funds (ESIF) and microfinance under the Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) designed to…

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Mr Alessandro Coda receives the 2015 iMobility “Excellence in ITS Achievement” Award

  PRESS RELEASE                                                      Mr Alessandro Coda receives the 2015 iMobility “Excellence in ITS Achievement” Award   Bordeaux, 7 October 2015 – The 2015 iMobility “Excellence in ITS Achievement” Award ceremony took place at the European Commission Stand during the ITS World Congress, in Bordeaux on Wednesday 7 October 2015 at 5.30pm. Lina Konstantinopoulou, iMobility Support… Read More

The post PRESS RELEASE: Mr Alessandro Coda receives the 2015 iMobility “Excellence in ITS Achievement” Award appeared first on Bordeaux Congress.

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The European Mobility-as-a-Service Alliance has been launched

20 European organisations join forces to establish the first Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Alliance. This new initiative will work towards a truly European and common approach to MaaS through public and private stakeholder cooperation, providing the basis for the economy of scale needed for a successful implementation in Europe.

The key concept behind MaaS is to put the users, both travelers and goods, at the core of transport services, offering them tailor made mobility solutions based on their individual needs. This means that, for the first time, easy access to the most appropriate transport mode or service will be included in a bundle of flexible travel service options for end users.

The MaaS Alliance builds upon the momentum and drive achieved during the last European ITS Congress in 2014 hosted by Helsinki, where MaaS received political support from the Finnish government. “MaaS is a new approach to changing mobility markets. It relies on existing and developing transport services and has huge chance for global scaling”, says the father of the concept Sampo Hietanen, CEO of ITS Finland.

According to Rasmus Lindholm, ERTICO’s Director of Communications and Partnership Development: “MaaS has the potential to fundamentally change the behavior of people in and beyond cities, hence it is regarded as the biggest paradigm change in transport since affordable cars came into the market” .

Founding Partners of the Mobility as a Service Alliance include Aalborg University, AustriaTech, Ericsson, ERTICO – ITS Europe, Federation International de l’Automobile (FIA) Region I, Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications, Helsinki Business Hub, IRU, Connekt, ITS Finland, ITS Sweden, ITS Ukraine, MOBiNET, National Mobile Payment Plc. (Hungary), Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (Tekes), Transport for London, Vinnova, University of Tampere and Xerox.

“Bundling services to simplify access to mobility is a key step to ensure the best use of all modes of transport. FIA Region I call upon the transport community to develop and combine these services based on the public’s concrete needs. In the FIA, we believe mobility must be safe, sustainable, accessible and affordable for all”, says Jacob Bangsgaard Director General FIA Region I.

Due to its open nature, the MaaS Alliance welcomes other Partners to join. This would contribute to the success of this new joint venture, as it will allow taking the needs of all stakeholders into account.
The official launch event will take place in the Finnish Pavilion (C37) at the ITS World Congress, in Bordeaux on Tuesday 6 October 2015 at 13.00. This inaugural ceremony will include the participation of:

  • Anne Berner, Minister of Transport and Communications, Finland;
  • Jacob Bangsgaard, Director General of FIA Region I and
  • Richard Harris, Director of Communication and Marketing at Xerox.

For more information, contact Rasmus Lindholm, ERTICO – ITS Europe (r.lindholm@mail.ertico.com), Jonna Pöllänen, ITS Finland (jonna.pollanen@its-finland.fi) or visit the website www.maas-alliance.eu

Note to the editor

About ERTICO – ITS Europe

ERTICO – ITS Europe is a public/private partnership of 116 companies and organisations advocating and actively working on the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS) through 5 Programmes and a wide range of activities (events, projects, interest groups).

The ERTICO work programme focuses on initiatives to improve road safety, security and network efficiency whilst taking into account measures to reduce environmental impact. Currently the ERTICO partnership is working on 5 programmes:
– Connected & Automated Driving
– ITS for Urban Mobility
– ITS Freight Transport & Logistics
– eMobility
– Emergency Call.

Each programme has identified activities according to short, mid and long term goals. In addition, an emphasis is given to 6 different enablers as the ERTICO Partnership acknowledges that the technology development does not lead to implementation alone. Also interoperability, policy, organisational, financing and the international aspect need to be taken into account.


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MOBiNET Showcase @ ITS World Congress 2015

The ITS hackathon kickstarted on the ITS Congress 2015 second day, in Bordeaux, France. The event is co-organised by the MOBiNET European project and Michelin Bibendum Challenge, in partnership with the eSafety Aware European project and ERTICO – ITS Europe.

The ITS Hackathon invited academics, start-ups, app developers and service providers to come up with new ideas and apps for mobility and safety services using the different components of the MOBiNET e-marketplace, as well as the traffic and transport data & services available in the platform Service Directory.
The hackathon participants were first introduced to MOBiNET and the resources available from the platform for their developments. The participants pitched their ideas and with the coaching of mentors from the MOBiNET team, Michelin and Mobile Groupe Sud Ouest Interactive, after which 8 teams were established and got to work:

ALL GREEN: Drive safely and happily while reducing your cost and your carbon footprint
BOBBY: daily travel assistant providing accurate information and carrying out simple tasks, when you need them
GULP: Find, Book & Charge your electric car everywhere in Europe.
OPENPARK: Find a parking slot in the city, easily, quickly.
PACK’N MOTION: Intelligent multimodal delivery
PARKIT: Bridge the gap in current multimodal journey planner, by providing users with information to plan park and ride journeys into a city, providing them cost, time and environmental savings
SHAREMOBILITY: Collaborative public transport platform to centralise, visualise and share one’s habits and experiences as a traveller
SWAF Solutions for a good hydration and drink-driving regulation

Follow the ITS Hackathon at https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=%23ITShackathon&s…

More to come on the MOBiNET service demonstrations, Special Session and ITS Hackathon Award Ceremony…

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MOBiNET project on route to deliver proof of concept of a Europe-wide e-market place

Brussels – 3 October 2015 – The EU-funded project MOBiNET develops a Europe-wide e-market place of global mobility services for businesses (service and content providers), public authorities and end users. By showing the need for and delivering this e-marketplace, the development of innovative features and key technical components, the MOBiNET project paves the way for the creation of true European-wide Mobility e-market place on which the potential Mobility as a Service (MaaS) could run. MOBiNET will deliver a business model and organisation structure that will become the building blocks for the set-up of the future operational cloud-based e-market place.

The MOBiNET project shows the need for an e-market place for mobility services in Europe by extending the business scope between service providers, and by providing pan-European coverage (same service can seamlessly run in every European country). MOBiNET creates a global multi-vendor business-to-business e-market place and service directory where service providers can publish and exchange their products and services and thereby enhance their offering and customer base. Public and private providers can publish services and data in the MOBiNET Service Directory to a wide and broad community, facilitating the creation of innovation solutions or enhanced exiting service. Lastly MOBiNET delivers a toolkit including core components which can be utilised by developers for new or enhanced service offering.

Currently mobility operators or transport providers negotiate contracts on a one-to-one basis, with no common set of rules on how to engage with other mobility operators on a European level. MOBiNET delivers the technical components, the business models and organisational structure that will become the building blocks required to set up MaaS in Europe.

The MOBiNET project provides proof of concept that it is technically feasible to set up a Europe-wide IT platform with a certain set of rules / terms of reference where suppliers / owners of mobility services can engage in business-to-business activities. The MOBiNET Service Directory is the first European wide mobility operator who will set the terms of reference on how to become MaaS-compliant. As a research project with specific business interest, MOBiNET will examine not only the technical but also the commercial viability of a potential future commercial mobility platform.

MOBiNET calls upon the stakeholders in the transport and mobility-related domains to register for the MOBiNET Provider Community. This Community allows transport and mobility-related content and service providers to publish their data and services in the MOBiNET Service Directory, to engage with the consortium of partners and provide feedback on their user experience. They will also be invited to participate in the consultations on business rules, requirements on technical integration, additional services and components.

MOBiNET @ Bordeaux
At the Bordeaux ITS World Congress, MOBiNET will
• organise live demonstrations of the MOBiNET Platform, functions and services @ MOBiNET stand (hall 1 – stand B95).
• co-organise the ITS Hackathon Michelin Bibendum Challenge, in partnership with the eSafety Aware European project and ERTICO – ITS Europe. Academics, start-ups, app developers and service providers will use the MOBiNET concept and platform to create new services.
• enable the Multimodal Travel Assistant (MMTA) app, on Congress delegates’ smartphones.
• organise the MOBiNET Project Session PR13 “Is there a business case for a universal mobility service market place?” on 8 October 2015 from 17h15 to 18h45.
• present 10 MOBiNET papers at Technical, Commercial and Interactive Sessions.

You will find out all the details at here.

For journalists, the MOBiNET team is offering:
Exclusive interviews with key members of the MOBiNET team
Individual demonstrations where journalists will be able to experience first-hand the value add of the MOBiNET platform, its functionalities and how these contribute to a European-wide deployment of mobility services

To set up an interview, live demo view or any other press inquiry, please contact: Maria De Rycke – MOBiNET Communication Manager – m.derycke@mail.ertico.com

WHERE: MOBiNET @ ERTICO stand, exhibition hall 1 booth no. B95
Mo 18:45-20:00
Tue-Thu 09:00-19:00
Fri 09:00-14:00

MOBiNET is co-funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union. It runs from November 2012 until August August 2016.

Project Coordinator
Rasmus Lindholm
tel. 00 322 400 07 39

Communication Manager
Maria De Rycke
tel. 00 322 400 07 40

Visit the website www.mobinet.eu.

Follow us on Twitter @MOBiNET_EU
Join our LinkedIn Group MOBiNET “the Internet of (Transport and) Mobility”

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Fourth and final call to CIVITAS Activity Fund opens on 1 October

On 1 October 2015 CIVITAS will open its fourth and final call to co-fund take-up activities in the field of sustainable urban mobility.
The call will offer a total of €80.000 in co-funding to support the take-up of sustainable urban mobility measures.

The call covers all CIVITAS Thematic Categories, as well as a series of proven CIVITAS Tools. Furthermore, cities with CIVITAS demonstration experience are invited to join the long-term evaluation programme.

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OptiDrive 360, award-winning solution developed within ecoDriver

TomTom Telematics’ OptiDrive 360 has received the Techies 2015 award on the modality of Telematics. Techies are the only dedicated technology awards for the fleet industry, recognising the modern systems and processes that impact business car operators’ daily lives.

Techies 2015 judges praised  the software for taking a clever approach to how it encourages users to change their driving style. They also valued the software’s ability to tell the driver exactly when to ease off the throttle when approaching traffic lights, roundabouts or other hazards, with the possibility of real economy improvements across fleets. 

OptiDrive 360 received as well the Fleet Innovation Award because the advantages for companies reach beyond cost reduction. “OptiDrive 360 makes your fleet drive greener and safer and drivers experience less stress behind the wheel”, according to the press release published on Link2Fleet’s website.

In this case, the jury praised how the application ensures efficient routing and is suitable for all types of fleets, including large and small cars and vans. The jury was also positive about the fact that OptiDrive 360 can be deployed with its default settings but is also customizable.

About OptiDrive 360

OptiDrive 360 was launched April 2015 and offers important insights to fleet managers and drivers alike. For example, OptiDrive 360 offers immediate feedback to drivers before, during and after their trip. Drivers driving responsibly reduce fuel consumption, maintenance costs and insurance premium for their employer, lowering the total cost of ownership. 

“This innovation is the result of extensive client experience and years of research & development in collaboration with the EU ecoDriver project,”, said Jeroen Groenendijk of TomTom Telematics. 

Launched in March, TomTom’s new OptiDrive 360 telematics system uses vehicle and GPS location data to give motorists real-time driving advice aimed at boosting their fuel economy and improving how safe they are behind the wheel.
This predictive tech helps drivers to anticipate the road ahead better, even suggesting when they should ease off the accelerator – when approaching traffic lights or roundabouts for instance – when they should change gear and what speed they should travel at to reduce their fuel consumption most effectively.
The TomTom system was developed on the back of the EU’s Ecodriver project, which the navigation company was actively involved in. The project aims to cut emissions and fuel consumption by 20% in road transport, which could mean substantial savings across car fleets.
OptiDrive 360 actively coaches the driver, while users are also able to access snapshot data that gives them a rundown of their driving statistics. Fleet managers haven’t been forgotten either, with TomTom Telematics’ Webfleet platform offering managers both handy dashboards that highlight driving trends and in-depth reports on how their fleets are being used.
The software scores drivers across eight parameters: speeding, fuel consumption, gear shifting, coasting, idling, constant speed, green speed and driving events – including swerving or heavy braking incidents. This information can then be used by fleet managers to provide targeted training or performance reviews to high-risk drivers.
Despite only recently arriving on the market, the company claims OptiDrive 360 has already slashed fleets’ fuel use and emissions, with an early trial reporting a claimed fall in CO2 of 10% on average. Meanwhile, housing association DCH and snack manufacturer Tayto Group have each seen a 15% drop in fuel costs after adopting the TomTom system.
Our judges praised the software for taking a clever approach to how it encourages users to change their driving style. The software’s ability to tell the driver exactly when to ease off the throttle when approaching traffic lights, roundabouts or other hazards also won TomTom points against its rivals, with the possibility of real economy improvements across fleets
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