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Bulc to host flagship transport event at COP21


The European Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, will host an event on transport decarbonisation as part of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference.

‘Transport decarbonisation as an engine for growth’, held on 3 December, will explore the enormous potential that the decarbonisation of transport offers and what it needs to turn this potential into an engine for growth.

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The decarbonisation of road transport – in the spotlight at the ITS World Congress

The decarbonisation of road transport:
how can eco-driving contribute?

Wednesday 7 October from 16.00 to 17:30
Hall 1 EXPO- Project Dissemination Theatre

The programme of the upcoming ITS World Congress includes this session organised by ecoDriver.

ecoDriver partners have developed and tested different eco-driving solutions on a wide scale including:

  • integrated systems for cars and trucks
  • an aftermarket solution
  • a Smartphone application 

This session will discuss the extent to which these technologies can reduce emissions and fuel use, and what are the prospects of their take-up by drivers and fleet operators.

The session will be led by the University of Leeds and Daimler, with an invited speaker from the US Department of Transportation.


 1. ecoDriver objectives and key outputs

 2.  Application development and evaluation results

3.  Perspectives from the US 

4. ecoDriver systems: prospects for take-up, costs, benefits and external scenarios

5.  Panel discussion including prospects and willingness to pay, with audience participation (open questions and voting) 


The session will be very interactive, so we hope to see you there!

Launched in March, TomTom’s new OptiDrive 360 telematics system uses vehicle and GPS location data to give motorists real-time driving advice aimed at boosting their fuel economy and improving how safe they are behind the wheel.
This predictive tech helps drivers to anticipate the road ahead better, even suggesting when they should ease off the accelerator – when approaching traffic lights or roundabouts for instance – when they should change gear and what speed they should travel at to reduce their fuel consumption most effectively.
The TomTom system was developed on the back of the EU’s Ecodriver project, which the navigation company was actively involved in. The project aims to cut emissions and fuel consumption by 20% in road transport, which could mean substantial savings across car fleets.
OptiDrive 360 actively coaches the driver, while users are also able to access snapshot data that gives them a rundown of their driving statistics. Fleet managers haven’t been forgotten either, with TomTom Telematics’ Webfleet platform offering managers both handy dashboards that highlight driving trends and in-depth reports on how their fleets are being used.
The software scores drivers across eight parameters: speeding, fuel consumption, gear shifting, coasting, idling, constant speed, green speed and driving events – including swerving or heavy braking incidents. This information can then be used by fleet managers to provide targeted training or performance reviews to high-risk drivers.
Despite only recently arriving on the market, the company claims OptiDrive 360 has already slashed fleets’ fuel use and emissions, with an early trial reporting a claimed fall in CO2 of 10% on average. Meanwhile, housing association DCH and snack manufacturer Tayto Group have each seen a 15% drop in fuel costs after adopting the TomTom system.
Our judges praised the software for taking a clever approach to how it encourages users to change their driving style. The software’s ability to tell the driver exactly when to ease off the throttle when approaching traffic lights, roundabouts or other hazards also won TomTom points against its rivals, with the possibility of real economy improvements across fleets
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Roundup: European Transport

29 June 2013 News Roundup  European Transport   Pipeline crossing Greece wins bid to transport Caspian Sea gas, setback for … Washington Post BAKU, Azerbaijan — A new pipeline to bring gas to Europe from the...

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