Technolution has set itself the task of boosting road safety by developing smart ICT platforms for cars that help the driver to get from A to B quicker and safer. However it goes without saying that this must not detract from the factor of road safety. For this reason as a follow up to the successful Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) project carried out in England for Transport for London Technolution has developed a system that encourages habitual speeders to remain within the speed limit.

No faster than the legal speed limit

The system consists of an advisory mode ‘Speed Monitor’ and an adaptation mode ‘Speed Lock’. Speed Monitor mode only displays the applicable maximum speed on screen in an advisory capacity and initiates the Speed Lock if the driver repeatedly breaks the speed limit. Speed Lock limits the speed of the car making it impossible to break the applicable speed limit. The system therefore immediately intervenes if drivers break the speed limit. Speed Monitor and Speed Lock were developed for possible implementation in the cars of notorious speeders.

Photo: the Speed Lock in action


Upon the instructions of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment Oranjewoud Technolution and DTV Consultants are looking for 80 ‘speedy’ test drivers from the provinces of Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland to participate in a trial of the Speed Lock. The trial will last for three months with participants receiving €300.

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Original Publication Date: Fri 10 Jun 2011