Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and Park24 Co., Ltd. (Park24) announce their decision to start a business tie-up for a trial car sharing service in parts of central Tokyo and signed an agreement for trial operation with the aim of developing a new service that leverages Toyota’s Mobility Services Platform (MSPF).

Toyota and Park24 have been collaborating since April 2015 on trial sharing services, such as Times Car PLUS Toyota i-ROAD Drive and Times Car PLUS × Ha:mo, which are based on the concept of personal mobility. The goal is to contribute to the creation of low-carbon and comfortable cities by providing freedom of movement through the construction of a new urban transportation network.

This current initiative is positioned as a trial that is also designed to strengthen cooperation between the two companies, with Toyota’s TransLog communication-based drive recorders and both companies’ car sharing devices installed in cars operated by Park24’s Times Car PLUS car sharing service.

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Source: Toyota